What SAR Means

Our Mission – Who We Are!

“My SAR membership is a constant proud reminder of our glorious heritage, and my responsibilities as an American citizen.” ~ U. S. GRANT, III General, U. S. Army

“My SAR membership to me is a connection with those members of my family who lived in times even more difficult than ours. One of the greatest challenges facing any Secretary of the Treasury is to look up at the picture of Alexander Hamilton and Albert Gallatin and think to himself ‘I hope that I can hold together the wonderful institution these two men established’.” ~ JOSEPH W. BARR, Secretary of the Treasury

“I agree with U. S. Grant, the Third. We should all have a reminder of ‘our heritage’ of our ancestors who created this most powerful nation in the world, and of course, our responsibilities as American citizens.” ~ LOWELL THOMAS, Author and News Commentator

“To be an American and to have come out of this great tradition is one of the few most meaningful facts of my life. Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution is a cherished symbol of those great things which must be preserved for the well-being of mankind. SAR constantly reminds me that the preservation of the blessings of freedom and Americanism must ever be my responsibility.” ~ NORMAN VINCENT PEALE, Churchman and Author

“My SAR membership represents an important rallying point in the continuing battle to retain the rights, privileges and responsibilities of free men in our Nation . . . and by our example, to inspire all men everywhere to be free. ” ~ H. NICKERSON, JR., Lieutenant General, USMC

“My SAR membership reminds me that the meaning of our Revolution continues to have the power to shake the world, that its message of opportunity and equality is one of hope for all mankind.” ~ ANGIER BIDDLE DUKE, Ambassador to Denmark

“Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution is a constant reminder that this is an organization dedicated to the support of the American Constitution and to our American institutions. It is also a constant reminder that American citizenship requires more than merely casting a vote on election day. It is a responsibility we carry every day of the year.” ~ WILLIAM F. KNOWLAND, Publisher and Former U.S. Senator (CA)

“As an SAR, I hope to live up to the proud heritage of my Forefathers of the American Revolution.” ~ JOE FOSS, Former Governor of South Dakota and World War II Ace

“In these times of tension and stress, it is vitally important that all of us recall with pride the heritage and the principles of equality of opportunity upon which this country was founded.” ~ JOHN A. LOVE, Governor of Colorado

“My SAR membership is especially meaningful to me as a reminder that together, as compatriots, we can preserve the great traditions of American freedom and that our task is proudly never ending.” ~ WINTHROP ROCKEFELLER, Governor of Arkansas

“Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution is a reminder to all affiliated with this organization that this Nation was founded in a struggle for freedom, and therefore all of us who enjoy the blessings of liberty are challenged to constant vigilance for the preservation and extension of human freedom throughout the world.” ~ NELSON A. ROCKEFELLER, Governor of New York

“Membership in SAR is a recurring reminder of those who before us fulfilled their responsibilities as American citizens, and who entrusted those responsibilities to us for safekeeping and enrichment.”~ DEWEY F. BARTLETT, U.S. Senator (OK)

“My SAR membership is a proud reminder that my ancestors shared in the fight for independence and liberty and have bequeathed me a heritage and a dedication to carry on the same proud tradition. It is also a constant reminder to me of the pride my father had in his membership and his desire that I also participate.” ~ G. MENNEN WILLIAMS, Ambassador to the Philippines

“To me, the National Society, SAR, represents patriotism of the ‘old order’ or hereditary patriotism, coming to us from the very founders of the Republic.” ~ SHERMAN ADAMS, Former Assistant to President Eisenhower and Former Governor of New Hampshire

“I think the spirit of patriotism which motivates the organization and very life of the Sons of the American Revolution is admirable and laudable but, regretfully, not as much a part of young America as it was when I was a part of young America. For that reason, I am particularly proud of the work the SAR does.” ~ WILLIAM RANDOLPH HEARST, JR., Publisher

“My SAR membership serves as a preserver of tradition and reminder of the privations suffered by our forebears in the pursuit of principle.” ~ R0BERT R. PAULEY, President, Mutual Broadcasting System

“My SAR membership reminds me that I am one thread in the great and glittering American tapestry Rung upon the wall of history-that my path was made straight by those who carved the first pathways across a raw and savage continent and that I must strive all my life long, as must we all, to match the men who planted us here.” ~ MAX RAFFERTY, Educator and Author

“My SAR membership constantly calls to my mind the courage, the sense of duty and the participation by our early forebears in creating a nation which is now our responsibility to maintain on the foundations that they built.” ~LEVERETT SALTONSTALL, Former U.S. Senator (MA)

“As a member of SAR, I am aware of a special thread which ties me to our nation’s beginnings at the same time it underscores my own responsibilities to our nation’s future.” ~ J. CALEB BOGGS, U.S. Senator (DE)

“My SAR membership is a constant reminder that the Constitution and Bill of Rights are the foundation stones of this Republic, and must be protected against erosion and attack.” ~ QUENTIN N. BURDICK, U.S. Senator (ND)

“I am pleased to have this opportunity to tell you bow highly I value my membership in the Sons of the American Revolution. I am pleased and proud to be a member of this fine organization. As General Grant said, this membership is a ‘reminder of our glorious heritage, and my responsibilities as an American citizen’.” ~ HARRY F. BYRD, JR., U.S. Senator (VA)

“A skeptic once said, ‘Peoples and governments never have learned anything from history, or acted on principles deduced from it.’ To this, I do not subscribe, and that is why my membership in the SAR is so meaningful, for it serves to remind me continually that we must benefit from the lessons of history.” ~ NORRIS COTTON, U.S. Senator (NH)

“My SAR membership teaches me that eternal vigilance on the part of all who love America is the price of retaining the liberty which our revolutionary ancestors purchased for us with their sacrifices and blood.” ~ SAM J. ERVIN, JR., U.S. Senator (NC)

“The most important aspect to my membership in the SAR is the opportunity it provides to hold high the principles upon which this Nation was dedicated and in so doing, reaffirm devotion to those ideas in a practical way, By continued allegiance to those bedrock foundation-stones, this country will exalt its role as the home of freedom and the hope of the downtrodden and oppressed among the nations of the earth. My membership in the Sons of the American Revolution is valuable to me in its support of the freedom our forefathers loved which has saved mankind from subjection to totalitarian power. May this effort ever continue in its success.” ~ PAUL J. FANNIN, U.S. Senator (AZ)

“Membership in the Sons of the American Revolution is a proud reminder that members of my mother’s family brought us independence, and reminds me always of my continuing responsibilities to freedom and our country.” ~ BARRY GOLDWATER, U.S. Senator (AZ)

“My SAR membership inspires me to remember always that my forebears, whose blood still runs in my veins, fought valiantly to establish that same freedom which is now entrusted to my generation, and to me, to preserve and defend.” ~ SPESSARD L. HOLLAND, U.S. Senator (FL)

“As a United States Senator, I am constantly confronted with the increasingly complex and serious problems facing our country today, and deeply concerned over their implications if we fail to properly resolve them. As an SAR member, I find inspiration and resolution in the tradition of fearlessness and dedication to freedom given us all as a model by those who planted the seed of the nation’s future greatness.” ~ B. EVERETT JORDAN, U.S. Senator (NC)

“Through my years of public service, I have seen our great democratic system in action. All Americans can take pride in the fact that the SAR stands for the preservation and strengthening of this system in the true spirit of our founding fathers.” ~ EDWARD V. LONG, U.S. Senator (MO)

“The great value of tradition and heritage is not the pride in the past and posthumous incentives for shouldering the responsibilities of the present and the reminders of the obligations of the living. It is this spirit of SAR that makes it vital and worthwhile.” ~ CHARLES MCC. MATHIAS, JR., U.S. Senator (MD)

“I pride my membership in the SAR as a mark in history to be carrying on a tradition for 160 years of family service. Too many forget, in our present size and growth, the fundamentals for which our forefathers gave their lives to create. The carrying on of these great traditions by the Sons of the American Revolution make the fellowship and recognition there from an honor and a hallmark of enduring patriotism in days like these. Their activities among our youth toward these goals of freedom and liberty set enduring standards. Through our great association these ideals can be handed down from generation to generation.” ~ A. S. MIKE MONRONEY, U.S. Senator (OK)

“As a constitutional lawyer, I am pleased to say that my SAR membership is a constant reminder to me that the perpetuation of our political freedoms is completely dependent upon keeping inviolate the guarantees of personal liberties and civil rights of the Constitution. Government by law and not by the arbitrary, capricious discretion of mere men must remain a precious heritage to hand on to each oncoming generation.” ~ WAYNE MORSE, U.S. Senator (OR)

“I think I can best state what my membership in the SAR has meant to me by quoting from scripture. The wise Apostle Paul in his Epistle to the Thessalonians said ‘Hold to the traditions ye have been taught.’ Paul was one of the most forward looking of the Apostles. He didn’t mean stand still, he meant move ahead within the guide lines of basic tradition. I hate arbitrary labels such as liberal and conservative. I know that we must find new solutions to new problems. I trust that they will always be in the broad guide lines of the traditions we have been taught. My membership in the SAR has given me a more penetrating understanding of those traditions.” ~ THRUSTON B. MORTON, U.S. Senator (KY)

“My SAR membership is living evidence of my proud heritage and a spur to contribute everything within my power to keep alive the ideals of our ancestors. As we strive to defend and preserve our institutions, let us seek to so live that our ancestors would be as proud of us as we are of them.” ~ RICHARD B. RUSSELL, U.S. Senator (GA)

“It is imperative that we remember the lessons of the past and the courage and convictions of our predecessors who fought for our freedom. My SAR membership is a continuing challenge.” ~ RICHARD S. SCHWEIKER, U.S. Senator (PA)

“In these most difficult times for our nation, all our citizens must be mindful of our heritage and the basic principles under which America has grown to greatness and prospered in freedom. I am proud of my membership in the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution because of the important role the Society plays in strengthening and preserving the American ideal.” ~ HERMAN E. TALMADGE, U.S. Senator (GA)

“My membership in the SAR is a source of great satisfaction. At this particular critical time in the history of our great Republic, it has overwhelming significance to me. Perhaps if all Americans had this relationship today with our heritage, our unity and devotion to country would be demonstrated in the image of our forefathers. My membership and what SAR stands for gives me added strength when I need it most to fight for our country.” ~ STROM THURMOND, U.S. Senator (SC)

“I view my SAR membership as a constant, vital reminder of the gallant men and principles which have so long supported America so well.” ~ JOHN G. TOWER, U.S. Senator (TX)

“At a time of savage assaults on our Constitution and the freedoms which flow from it, the Sons of the American Revolution stand taller than ever before against the tide seeking to engulf us. This is the meaning and purpose I share with SAR. I take my place proudly beside each of you, a faithful adherent with each of you to the heritage of SAR, and unafraid with each of you in proud testament to our everlasting concern for freedom.” ~ JOEL T. BROYHILL, U.S. Congressman (VA)

“My SAR membership reminds me that our forefathers made sacrifices for the blessings we have in America today.” ~CHARLES E. BENNETT, U.S. Congressman (FL)

“As a constant reminder of the proud traditions upon which this nation was founded and by which it has endured, I deeply cherish my membership in the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution.” ~ EARLE CABELL, U.S. Congressman (TX)

“With the turmoil throughout the world and so many divisive forces within our country, I am proud to be identified with the Sons of the American Revolution, an organization that is ever reminding our citizens of our rich heritage of freedom and is dedicated to the preservation and perpetuation of the system of government that has brought our nation to greatness.” ~ CHARLES E. CHAMBERLAIN, U.S. Congressman (MI)

“I am proud, indeed, to count myself among the members of the SAR. My membership serves as a reminder of the continuing value of our American heritage, and carries with it a sense of my own responsibility as an American citizen.” ~ PETER H. B. FRELINGHUYSEN, U.S. Congressman (NJ)

“The Sons of the American Revolution are patriotism in action. We need staunch citizens in the United States. Remembering our goodly heritage from previous generations, the Sons of the American Revolution are devoted to our Country and its causes.” ~ JAMES G. FULTON, U.S. Congressman (PA)

“I consider my SAR membership an honor. I am proud of the fact that my family for generations has been identified with organizations and institutions that have fought to preserve and strengthen our Constitutional government. Outstanding among these organizations is the Sons of the American Revolution. I consider it a privilege to have the opportunity to be associated with this outstanding organization. I have deep respect for its dedication to its purpose.” ~JAMES A. HALEY, U.S. Congressman (FL)

“The meaning of my SAR membership, simply stated, is that it constantly reminds me of the principles of dedication and spirit that founded our country, gave it strength in its growth, gave it courage in times of peril, and are those ingredients to which we must daily rededicate ourselves.” ~ HASTINGS KEITH, U.S. Congressman (MA)

“It has given me a sense of pride and a feeling of personal heritage to be a member of the SAR, and to be identified with this Society of patriotic citizens who are descended from those who through sacrifice, courage, and determination wrought the greatest freedoms ever experienced by mankind.” ~ HORACE R. KORNEGAY, U.S. Congressman (NC)

“My constituency includes the sites of some of the earliest homes, communities and governmental activities in the United States. Maryland is the site of many historic incidences not the least of which was the writing of our National Anthem. Thus, I hold my membership in the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution with great pride, as it is a constant reminder of our heritage.” ~ ROGERS C. B. MORTON, U.S. Congressman (MD)

“My SAR membership means more than I can put into words. First of all, it gives me courage to fight even harder to preserve the freedom so gallantly handed down to us by our founding fathers. It is a happy reflection to know that my ancestors helped carve out this government of ours.” ~ JAMES H. QUILLEN, U.S. Congressman (TN)

“My SAR membership is a continuous reminder of my heritage, both as a descendant of a soldier of the Continental Army and as an American who believes that our way of life is the best yet devised by man.” ~ JOHN J. RHODES, U.S. Congressman (AZ)

“The Fathers of the American Revolution won for our country, the freedom from tyranny which many nations are still struggling to achieve almost two hundred years later. Our forebears’ goals and dreams are ever the guiding lights for the oppressed, and we, as members of the SAR, must hold these high for our nation, and all the world to see.” ~HOWARD W. ROBISON, U.S. Congressman (NY)

“While I could write a long paper or give an hour lecture on what my SAR membership means to me, I will try and condense my remarks to brief form. My SAR membership serves two very useful purposes. First, it is a constant reminder of what we citizens who are fortunate enough to live in this nation owe to those of our ancestors who were willing to make the supreme sacrifice. The freedoms which were so fervently desired by those who participated in the American Revolution, and were so costly won, must not be forgotten or lost. Second, and probably most important, my SAR membership serves as a constant challenge to me as a citizen of the United States and as a Member of Congress. If I am to continue to enjoy these precious rights and privileges handed down to me, I, and those with whom I associate must be obligated to keep for ourselves and our posterity these same opportunities. We must be ‘eternally vigilant’ and constantly strive to strengthen and maintain our way of life. Unless we do, we will not keep faith with our forefathers who made it all possible.” ~ JOHN P. SAYLOR, U.S. Congressman (PA)

“My membership in the SAR is highly prized and appreciated by me. The associations are enjoyable, as well as inspiring. In addition, my membership in this patriotic organization serves to revive a full appreciation of the sacrifices made by our forefathers for the establishment of our great Republic. The priceless principles of government which have been handed down to us by the founding fathers should ever be maintained and cherished by this and all succeeding generations.” WILLIAM M. TUCK ~ U.S. Congressman (VA)

“SAR membership is a breadth of fresh, clean air in an atmosphere increasingly polluted by cynicism and license. It furnishes a valued opportunity to participate directly in affairs of importance to the Nation in association with other Americans who continue to believe in God and Country.” ~ LOUIS C. WYMAN, U.S. Congressman (NH)

“One of the greatest honors that I have received since being elected a Member of Congress is the certificate denoting the fact that I qualify and have been admitted as a member of the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution. I am proud of my country, and especially proud of the fact that my people have played a small part in making this the greatest country in the world.” ~ WILLIAM H. NATCHER, U.S. Congressman (KY)

“Almost 200 years ago, a small, determined and resolute contingent of men devoted their energies . . . their courage . . . and in some cases, their lives to creating a nation on these shores that would provide each individual the freedom and dignity so long the dream of mankind. They did not seek nor promise an easy life. They recognized that freedom was not free and that once obtained, it would entail a high degree of responsibility. I am proud that my forebears chose to enlist in this fight for our independence. Long ago, I pledged to do my best in volunteering the same devotion to my country and accepting fully the same high degree of responsibility that so enriched the efforts of my antecedents in the American Revolution. My membership in the National Society of the Sons of the American Revolution is an inspirational reminder of this pledge.” ~ T. H. MOORER, Admiral, USN (Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff)

“The membership in the National Society, SAR, which I have recently received, serves as a source of strength in these turbulent times. It provides an awareness of how this nation came to be, how it struggled for survival and to become free, how it grew to a position of world leadership, and the necessity of maintaining those qualities in our individual and national life if the United States is to continue to be the kind of nation we want it to be. As I become older, I realize the importance of impressing these thoughts upon my five children. The SAR membership, hopefully, will help in this regard.” ~ ROBERT W. SCOTT, Governor of North Carolina

“My SAR membership is a constant proud reminder of the fact that I am a direct descendant of one of the sons of the American Revolution.” ~ JOHN SPENCER-CHURCHILL, Artist (nephew of Sir Winston Churchill)

“It has been my honor to have been a member of the Sons of the American Revolution for many years. I respect the organization for its efforts to perpetuate the patriotism of our forefathers and for its continuing commitment to protect and sustain the ideals of our great revolution. We are a free country today because for almost two hundred years, we have never strayed from this course.” ~ HALE BOGGS, U.S. Congressman (LA) and House Majority Leader

“My membership in the Sons of the American Revolution strengthens my sense of history. It provides me with a benchmark which helps me to measure the advances and retreats of our nation from its Colonial days.” ~ ALFRED E. DRISCOLL, Former Governor of New Jersey

“The heritage of our nation, its past and future, is represented in the Sons of the American Revolution. My SAR membership is a constant reminder of the responsibilities I accept to preserve our heritage and our nation.” ~ ROBERT DOCKING, Governor of Kansas

“My SAR membership reminds me continually of the direct connection between the American War for Independence and the concepts of personal freedom and individual liberty on which it was based and the daily activities of the Congress. Every time a Federal law is amended through action of a Congress elected by the people, it is part of the continuing manifestation of the American Revolution. It is important to our country to have in existence a strong National justice which maintains continuous focus on the historical origins of the liberties whereby we govern ourselves.” ~ JACK SLACK, U.S. Congressman (WV)

“Through my SAR membership, I am constantly reminded that freedom is something which calls for hard work and sacrifice as exemplified by those who have gone before.” ~ BARRY M. GOLDWATER, JR., U.S. Congressman (CA)

“The SAR upholds the highest ideals of American life; freedom, love of country, honor and patriotism. I am proud to be associated with men who cherish these ideals so greatly.” ~ CHARLES M. DUKE, JR., Colonel, USAF (Apollo 16 astronaut who walked on the Moon)

“Membership in the SAR gives me an opportunity to salute and pay tribute to the patriotism of our early American forefathers who won a people’s freedom and founded a new nation; and it allows me to draw inspiration from their examples. Their patriotism will be a challenge to me and all other Americans to emulate now and in the future. Frequently on the floor of the United States Senate, a Senator, after hearing a speech by another Senator and finding himself fully in agreement, might say, ‘I wish to associate myself with the remarks of the distinguished Senator.’ In like manner, I wish to associate myself with the high ideals and the patriotism of our Revolutionary Fathers.” ~ JAMES B. ALLEN, U.S. Senator (AL)

“To me, membership in SAR is a mark of patriotism and a constant reminder of the virtues of dedication and sacrifice which are as necessary to good citizenship today as they were in the founding of our Country.” ~ JACKSON E. BETTS, U.S. Congressman (OH)

“When the odds are formidable and great persistence is required to accomplish a good legislative result, my SAR membership reminds me that none of the values our forebears worked for were won easily. My SAR membership says, ‘Stick to it; the harder the battle, the more significant the result.” ~ GILBERT GUDE, U.S. Congressman (MD)

“The SAR bears witness that there remains in our country a group which appreciates our heritage, honors those patriots who gave us our freedom and commits itself to the perpetuation of the American ideal. For these reasons, I am proud of my SAR membership.” ~ JOHN M. ASHBROOK, U.S. Congressman (OH)

“My membership in the Sons of the American Revolution is a testimonial to my deep belief in America its rich heritage and promising future.” ~ LAWTON CHILES, U.S. Senator (FL)

“My SAR membership serves as a strong reminder of my duties as an American citizen and of my pride in America . . . its glorious heritage and its promise for the future.” ~ HASTINGS KEITH, U.S. Congressman (MA)

“My SAR membership to me means the importance of the tradition of keeping America free and independent. Aaron Taft, who fought in the Revolution, and his descendants have worked for that cause, and will continue to do so.” ~ROBERT TAFT, JR., U.S. Senator (OH)

“The problems of America today sometimes seem to be without solution, the voices of dissent lack restraint, and the words of praise are seldom heard from the media. The SAR must continue to provide the windows of retrospect to the days when insurmountable problems also existed, when solutions were found, and the republic flourished from the unselfish dedication to the causes of liberty.” ~ ALAN B. SHEPARD, JR., Rear Admiral, USN (first US astronaut in space)

“Membership in the SAR is a constant reminder of America’s successful fight for freedom and the continuation of never ending efforts to keep us free.” ~ BOB WILSON, U.S. Congressman (CA)