Bethuel was born 17 Dec 1751 in Lebanon Crank (now Columbia), CT.

Quote for the entry for Bethuel Newcomb:

Mr. Newcomb was a soldier in the patriot army of the Revolution. He entered the service 15 May 1775, in the Company of Capt. James Clark of Lebanon, 6th Co., Col. Israel Putnam, Third Conn. Regt., and was in the battle of Bunker Hill. He was discharged 15 Dec. 1775.

Bethuel Newcomb’s account of The Battle of Bunker Hill:

I fired my gun until it became so hot I couldn’t hold it; stepped past where a soldier had fallen–caught his gun. We kept hearing some one calling “Retreat!”, but thought it was someone running away. Soon Gen. Israel Putnam came on horseback–on a dead run, bareheaded, calling out: “God curse you why don’t you retreat. The British have almost surrounded you.” Then we turned and ran up Bunker Hill–the grapeshot cutting down the grass between our legs as we ran. I was never wounded.

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Andrew Newcomb 1618-1686 and his Descendants, A Revised Edition of “Genealogical Memoir” of the Newcomb Family, published 1874 by John Bearse Newcomb, Elgin, IL. It was compiled and revised by Bethuel Merritt Newcomb of Berkeley, CA in 1923.