BOM Reports for April 2019 Annual State Meeting

BOM Reports for April 2019 Annual State Meeting – Plainville

CTSSAR Annual Meeting Agenda
CTSSAR Annual Meeting Notice
BOM Meeting Minutes from February 23, 2019
National Trustee Report
Alternate National Trustee Report
State President Report No Report
1st VP Report No Report
2nd VP Report No Report
Treasurer’s Report for 2018 and 2019
Life Membership Fund Report
Manross Fund Balances 2014 thru 2018
Registrars Report
Planning Committee Report No Report
Flag Committee Report
Real Property Report for April
Eagle Scout Report
Knight Essay Report No Report
Connecticut Line Report
DAR CAR Liaision Report
Awards Committee Report
2018 Audit Report
Nominating Committee Report – Slate of Officers for 2019 – 2020

Branch Reports
Gen David Humphreys Branch #1 Report
Gen Israel Putnam Branch #4 Report
Roger Sherman Branch #5 Report No Report
Capt Nathan Hale Branch #6 Report No Report
Col Jeremiah Wadsworth Branch #7 Report
Rev Ebenezer Baldwin Branch #9 Report
Gov Oliver Wolcott Sr Branch #10 Report No Report
Capt Matthew Mead Branch #11 Report No Report