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Branch Rosters:Branch Labels:

General David Humphreys – Branch 1                                                   General David Humphreys – Branch 1
General Israel Putnam – Branch 4                                                          General Israel Putnam – Branch 4
Roger Sherman – Branch 5                                                                       Roger Sherman – Branch 5
Captain Nathan Hale – Branch 6                                                             Captain Nathan Hale – Branch 6
Colonel Jeremiah Wadsworth – Branch 7                                              Colonel Jeremiah Wadsworth – Branch 7
Reverend Ebenezer Baldwin – Branch 9                                               Reverend Ebenezer Baldwin – Branch 9
Governor Oliver Wolcott, Sr. – Branch 10                                               Governor Oliver Wolcott, Sr. – Branch 10
Captain Matthew Mead – Branch 11                                                       Captain Matthew Mead – Branch 11

At large Members Only – No Branch