Color Guard/Living History Unit of the Colonel Jeremiah Wadsworth
Branch #7 – CTSSAR

Established February 2008 to act as the Educational Outreach of the Branch, the Color Guard portrays Colonel James Wadsworth’s Connecticut Regiment during the year 1776.

“STATE REGIMENTS AT BOSTON, JAN. – MAR. 1776.  During the re-organization of the Continental force before Boston, Dec. 1775 – Feb. 1776, when the soldiers were coming and going, Washington called for regiments from the New England States to guard the lines at various points until the new army had been well established. Connecticut sent three regiments under Colonel James Wadsworth, Erastus Wolcott, and John Douglass. They reached Boston toward the end of January and remained about six weeks. “

– Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution, Adjutant General, Hartford, 1889

Membership in the Color Guard is open to any member of the Colonel Jeremiah Wadsworth Branch in good standing.

The Color Guard annually participates in:

• Living History Events
• Reenactments
• Parades
• Educational School Programs
• Historical/Patriotic Ceremonies and Commemorations
• SAR, DAR, and CAR Events.

Active in the Hartford Area of Connecticut

Colonel Wadsworth’s Connecticut Regiment 1776
A Detachment of the Connecticut Line CTSSAR

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