Captain Nathan Hale’s Third Company

Color Guard/Living History Unit of the Captain Nathan Hale
Branch #6 – CTSSAR

Established March 2008 to act as the Educational Outreach of the Branch, the Color Guard portrays Colonel Charles Webb’s Seventh Connecticut Regiment during the year 1775.

“Raised by order of the Assembly at the July session, 1775. Recruited in Fairfield, Litchfield, and New Haven Counties. Its companies were stationed at various points along the sound until Sept. 14, when on requisition from Washington, the regiment was ordered to the Boston Camps. There it was assigned to Gen. Sullivan’s Brigade on Winter Hill at the left of the besieging line, and remained until expiration of term of service in Dec., ’75. Adopted as Continental. Reorganized under Col. Webb for service in ’76.”

– Connecticut Men in the War of the Revolution, Adjutant General, Hartford, 1889

Captain Nathan Hale (1755 – 1776), was commissioned a Lieutenant in the Third Company of this regiment on July 6, 1775. He was then promoted to Captain on September 1, 1775 and commanded the company until discharged on December 10, 1775.

Uniforms associated with Webb’s Seventh Connecticut Regiment 1775:

Fourth Company – Captain Joseph Hait

Green short coat with brass buttons, black velvet jacket and breeches, shoes, white stockings, white linen shirt. (New York Gazette, September 4, 1775.)
Seventh Company – Captain Isaac Bostwick
Brown coat and jacket. (Connecticut Gazette, August 25, 1775.)
Eighth Company – Captain William G. Hubbell
Two suits: the one short blue, the other striped red; and a small castor hat, with a black ribbon and a carved silver buckle around the crown. (New York Gazette, September 11, 1775)
Colors or Standards associated with Webb’s Seventh Connecticut Regiment 1775:
Blue standard bearing on one side the Connecticut Arms and motto “Qui Transtulit Sustinet” and on the other side “An Appeal to Heaven”.

Membership in the Color Guard is open to any member of the Captain Nathan Hale Branch in good standing.

The Color Guard annually participates in:

• Living History Events
• Reenactments
• Parades
• Educational School Programs
• Historical/Patriotic Ceremonies and Commemorations
• SAR, DAR, and CAR Events.

Active in the New London Area of Connecticut

Colonel Webb’s Seventh Connecticut Regiment 1775
A Detachment of the Connecticut Line CTSSAR

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