Color Guard

Our Color Guard today works much in the same way as the militia did during the Revolutionary War years. During the war there were militia groups spread out in all the towns and local communities across the state, ready to be called to action at any time.griswold musket firing

National Society Color Guard On-line Magazine
National Color Guard Handbook
National Park Service Manual of Instruction for Safe Use of Flintlocks

Today we rely on the Color Guards of our local Branches to act on the behalf of the state society.

Color Guard calendar of events for the current year: Color Guard Calendar 2024

The Color Guard annually participates in:
Patriot’s Day Events, Lexington & Concord, MA.
Bunker Hill Day Ceremonies, Charlestown, MA.
Educational School Programs throughout the State.
Liberty Pole Dedications.
Patriot Grave Marking Ceremonies.
Parades and Celebrations.
Living History Encampments.
S.A.R., D.A.R., and C.A.R. Sponsored Events.

The Color Guards that represent us are:
The Connecticut Line and it’s following detachments:
Eleventh Regiment of Connecticut Militia
General Wolcott’s Brigade
Ninth Regiment of Connecticut Militia
Colonel Wadsworth’s Connecticut Regiment
Colonel Webb’s Seventh Connecticut Regiment
Captain David Humphreys Company Second Regiment Connecticut Line

Branches are encouraged to start their own groups. Some are working on just that today. Color Guards are one of the best ways for our society to promote revolutionary history.

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