At the Annual Meeting of the Society Sons of the Revolution in the State of Connecticut, held in the Nathan Hale Schoolhouse at East Haddam, June 6, 1901, a resolution was introduced by William E. Nichols and unanimously adopted, to the effect that this Society annually offer a bronze medal to that scholar in the Nathan Hale Schoolhouse District (Second School District of East Haddam, Conn.) “who
shall most display the courage, manliness, and self sacrifice which Nathan Hale exemplified in his life,” and this boy shall be selected by the boys of this Second School District of East Haddam, Conn.

This boy known as the Nathan Hale Scholar is to have the United States flag flying on the Nathan Hale School house flagpole every day during the year, and is given a
reasonable compensation for so doing.

The Nathan Hale Schoolboy Medal was voted to:

1902 Wilson D. Beebe
1903 Wilson D. Beebe
1904 Ray Arnold Comstock
1905 William Ogden Scoville
1906 Henry L. Clarke
1907 Stanley D. Plumstead
1908 Edwin Claude Swan
1909 Eldon T. Swan
1910 Arthur C. Olsen
1911 Harold F. Ray
1912 Floyd M. Ray
1913 Daniel J. Taylor