Isaiah Adkins – served the Connecticut Line for 6 years

Rev. Ebenezer Baldwin – a patriotic preacher.

John Barker, M.D. – citizen, patriot, doctor

Israel Bissel – alerted colonists of the British attack at Lexington and Concord on April 19, 1775.

General Henry Champion – a brave and efficient officer

Col. William Douglas – colonel of New Haven Regiment.

Oliver Ellsworth – Jurist, Statesman and Naturalist

Capt. John Gilbert – killed during the Battle of New Haven

Daniel Griswold – one of Knowlton’s Rangers.

Capt. Nathan Hale – the man with only one regret.

Capt. Nathan Hale – 2nd version

Capt. Nathan Hale – 3rd version

Capt. Nathan Hale – scholarly report on Nathan Hale

Cmdr. David Hawley – whaleboat warfare on the sound.

Joseph Cogner – Private in Captain William Hubbell’s Company

Gen. David Humphreys – aide to Gen. George Washington.

Gov. Samuel Huntington – the first president of the Continental Congress.

Gov. Samuel Huntington – Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Ezekiel Jacobs – Common Patriot

William Samuel Johnson – A lawyer who initiated new professional standards in legal practice

Col. Thomas Knowlton – Connecticut’s Forgotten Hero

Pvt. James Little – a soldier at Fort Lee, Fort Washington, British Prison Ships and the Danbury Alarm.

Capt. Matthew Mead – served under Putnam for the battle of New York.

Bethuel Newcomb – a soldier at Bunker Hill.

Thomas Paine – influence on the American Revolution.

James Palmer – Revolutionary War Soldier and Sailor sailed with John Paul Jones.

1st Lt David Perry – a soldier in the French & Indian War and Rev War.

Gen. Israel Putnam – one of the principal commanders at the battle of Bunker Hill and Breed’s Hill.

Paul Revere – warned the troops for the start of the war.

Roger Sherman – the only man to sign all four founding articles.

Roger Sherman – One of the most remarkable men of the Revolution

Gen. Gold Selleck Silliman – fought in the battle of New York.

Joseph Spencer – Major-General of the Continental Troops

Elijah and Marauchie Sperry– History of the Patriot

Abel Spicer – fighting for the cause of liberty.

Capt. Abner Stocking – fought in Boston and Quebec.

Capt. Stephen Stow – 200 Invisible Men: Tyranny on the Sound!

James Taylor – sergeant in Massachusetts regiments

Thomas Taylor – sergeant in Massachusetts regiments

Jonathan Trumbull – Connecticut Governor

Jonathan Trumbull, Jr. – An uncompromising exponent of Federalism

Seth Warner – A Family History Epic

Col. Jeremiah Wadsworth – deputy commissary-general for the Colonies.

Jonathan Wadsworth – fought in the Battle of Saratoga

William Williams – Signer of the Declaration of Independence

Gov. Oliver Wolcott, Sr. – Congressman during the war.

Gov. Oliver Wolcott, Sr – Signer of the Declaration of Independence