Color Guard/Living History Unit
of the General Israel Putnam Branch #4 – CTSSAR

The 11th Regiment of Connecticut Militia at Fort Griswold Battlefield State Park

Established May 1995 to act as the Educational Outreach of the Branch, the Color Guard portrays the 11th Regiment of Connecticut Militia during the years 1775 through 1783. Israel Putnam was it’s Lieutenant Colonel from prior to the Revolution to early 1775 when he was promoted to General, and given command of the Third Connecticut Regiment.

The 11th Regiment was formed in October 1739, and was composed of companies from the towns of Woodstock, Pomfret, and Killingly, Connecticut, with many of the soldiers serving in the Wars against the French.

During the years leading up to the American Revolution, the 11th Regiment added a Troop of Horse in 1773 (the 11th’s Troop of Horse, commanded by Captain Samuel McClellan, would be reorganized in 1776 along with the 5th, 19th, 21st, and 22nd as the 4th Regiment of Connecticut Light Horse commanded by Major Ebenezer Backus. The 4th Light Horse would “faithfully serve” near New York from September 8 to November 2, 1776.), and a Company of Grenadiers in 1774 (This Company of Grenadiers in the year 1778 would be asked by Governor Jonathan Trumbull, “to Exert and Distinguish themselves” during the Battle of Rhode Island).

Men of the 11th Regiment saw action in the 1st, 7th & 8th companies of Putnam’s 3rd Connecticut Regiment at Bunker Hill and the Siege of Boston during 1775; as the 11th Regiment, 5th Militia Brigade in Putnam’s Division during the Battle of Long Island, August 27, 1776; retreated with the army into New Jersey, September 20, 1776; in Bergen, New Jersey, September 23, 1776; at Fort Constitution October 3, 1776; and while answering numerous alarms in Connecticut and Rhode Island throughout the War. Men of the 11th Regiment also enlisted and served in the Continental Line. The Troop of Horse, Grenadiers, and Militia of the 11th Regiment continued to train annually up to the year 1840.

color guard training at fort #4 in NHThe Color Guard dresses in the correct period attire of hunting frocks as specified by General George Washington during the 1776 campaign. Membership in the Color Guard is open to any member of the General Israel Putnam Branch in good standing. We have appeared throughout New England, New York, Pennsylvania, and Virginia.

The Color Guard annually participates in:
• Patriot’s Day Events, Lexington & Concord, MA.
• Bunker Hill Day Ceremonies, Charlestown, MA.
• Educational School Programs throughout the State.
• Liberty Pole Dedications.
• Patriot Grave Marking Ceremonies.
• Parades and Celebrations.
• Living History Encampments.
• S.A.R., D.A.R., and C.A.R. Sponsored Events.

11th_reg_at_bunker_hill_day 11th_reg_teaching_students
The 11th Regiment on Bunker Hill Day,
Bunker Hill Monument, Charlestown, MA.
One of the 11th Regiment’s School Programs

The 11th Regiment of Connecticut Militia (S.A.R.)
A Detachment of the Connecticut Line CTSSAR


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