PVT. JOSEPH CONGER (1758-1842)

In 1776 Joseph Conger served as a Private in Captain William Hubbell’s Company of Col. David Waterbury’s 5th Regiment of Connecticut Volunteers (mid 1775 to 1776), and may have served in other Connecticut forces.  In the same company there was a Jesse Conger [1764].  He was probably the brother of Joseph, for  whom there is no further record, unless he was Jesse Conger who moved to Cincinnati, Ohio.

After his marriage to Phoebe Eggleston he apparently remained in that vicinity for some time.  When the first U.S. census was taken in 1790 he is shown as being head of a family in the Columbia, New York, at which time the family consisted of one male over 16, himself, three males under sixteen (Jesse, Abel, Parley ), one female over sixteen, his wife.  He moved later to Stockwell, Oneida county New York, where he died.

At Utica, Oneida county, New York July 20th, 1832, Joseph Conger [1758] aged 74, a resident Sangerfield, Oneida County, New York stated that he was born in 1758 in Fairfield, Connecticut.  In the fall of 1775 while resident of New Fairfield, Connecticut, enlisted in Captain Gaylor Hubbell’s Company, William Phelps, Lieutenant, and spent the winter in New York where he was discharged.  In April 1776 he again  enlisted at New Fairfield for 6 months but was in a hospital in New York and being unable for duty was discharged.

In 1777 he was drafted in the Connecticut State Militia,  Amos Hubbell, Lieutenant  and went to Phillipine Patent of the Hudson River under Captain Hubbell and Lieutenant Phelps.  He lived in New Fairfield until after the war and then moved to Columbia county, New York, now the town of Ancram and resided there 12 years and then to Paris, Oneida county New York.  For the last 14 years he resided at Sangerfield, Oneida county, New York.

Mercy Sturgis, of Clarendon, Orleans county, New York, aged, 59, the 19th day of June last says that she is a sister of Joseph Conger and lived in her father’s family with him when he was in the war at New Fairfield, Connecticut and remembers that he came home sick.

Aaron Stafford, a farmer, residing 4 miles form Joseph Conger in Sangerfield, NY  was a character witness and states that Joseph Conger was reputed to have been a Revolutionary Soldier.

8 months, 14 days service allowed.  $28.80 per annum.  Certificate issued May 29, 1833 at Sangerfield, NY  $70.50 paid.

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